Was it cheaper to wipe with the Venezuelan bolivar (fuerte) or with toilet paper? I did the math.

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Venezuela introduced a new currency as of August 20th to help ease hyperinflation called the bolivar soberano. The bolivar fuerte inflated so much that it cost 2,600,000 bolivars for 1 roll of toilet paper. The smallest bill denomination before the switch was the 500 bolivars note. 2,600,000 bolivars cost divided by the 500 bolivar note denomination, means that 2,600,000 bolivars would be 5,200 notes.

Toiletpaperworld.com, which holy crap that website exists, reports that traditionally a sheet of toilet paper is 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches, or in other words 114.3 millimeters by 114.3 millimeters. The 2008 bolivares notes were all 156 millimeters by 69 millimeters, which were different notes but that’s the most recent data I could conveniently find, let’s say that 2 bolivares notes will equal 1 large toilet paper roll sheet.

That same link reports that the jumbo toilet paper rolls, which require special holders and which you might find in a large store public bathroom, have about 2000 sheets. If we take the 5,200 amount, and divide that by 2 to take into account 2 bolivars fuerte equals 1 large toilet paper sheet in terms of size, this means that, hypothetically, with the 2,600 sheets that could be made, a super jumbo toilet paper roll could be created from the cost of 1 regular toilet paper roll in Venezuela using the old currency.

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