“What good could possibly come from taking steps to prevent global warming?” asks Kansas climate change skeptic

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Over 99% of scientists who study the climate agree that global warming is caused by human activity. People can take steps to help prevent it by doing things such as buying locally made produce, walking and taking public transportation when they need to get someplace when possible, eating less animal-based products, and so forth. “Global warming will allow for more shipping lanes in the arctic, and winters will be warmer. These are great things,” said Alan Smith of Wichita, Kansas. “Also, even if seas are rising, Kansas won’t be affected,” he added.

An argument that climate change skeptics make is that the climate changes over time regardless, and that it isn’t created by people’s activities. Also, there is still a small amount of climate scientists who deny that climate change is made by the activity of human beings, and that what is happening now is just nature taking its course. Alan Smith asked what good could possibly come from taking steps to prevent global warming, since it isn’t caused by human activity in his belief system.

“There are many benefits to taking steps to prevent global warming, such as cleaner air and water,” said 2-headed catfish Roger McMillan, whose exposure to pollutants in the Mississippi River caused him to become intelligent from birth and in constant pain. “If more people in cities use public transportation, this can help bring down the number of traffic accidents, make the air cleaner, and make the road clearer for other drivers. If the USA were to produce most of its energy from renewables, combined with emergency reserves of coal and oil for energy, the country could be energy independent and not have to rely on countries whose governments oftentimes abuse human and catfish rights for oil. Those countries would have less leverage on the USA, and wars relating to oil could be minimized, saving more resources. Pollution causes many health issues, and if we work together to minimize it then we can all live better lives,” continued Roger, the smartest catfish I’ve ever interviewed by default.

What do you think? Should we pollute more to allow for more arctic shipping routes? Should people pollute less? Comment below with what you think.

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4 years ago

That’s one smart catfish. Having less air pollution is a major plus for me.

4 years ago

I think that people should pollute less. For example, I live in a place by a river. If toxins get into the river, those could be hard to get out of the water and could affect my health. Also less air pollution is good for health.