“What if we and our observable universe are in a black hole and this is why space looks black?” wonders scientist.

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An astrophysicist named Charles Williams has questioned whether we have all already passed the event horizon, and if our observable universe is all within the confines of a giant black hole. “What if the rest of space outside of this black hole that we are in is really bright, which is why the center of black holes looks so bright, but since we are in a black hole all we see is darkness and some of the matter strewn about that are the stars?” he asks. “Oh my gosh, what if the black holes within the massive black hole we are in are portals to outside of this black hole and we could travel to outside of this black hole like if a hole were poked in a piece of paper and I wanted to send a corgi through it? Or what if each of the black holes inside this black hole contain their own universes with black holes that contain more universes with black holes?” he added.

Credit: NASA

Charles has convinced NASA to spend $50 billion, to send a space chicken with monitors on it to see what happens when it’s sent into a black hole many light years away. “Either the chicken will be strewn to bits or it will become the god of its own universe. Time will tell,” Charles said. The devices will measure things such as the chicken’s pulse, light years traveled, and the chicken’s hilarious reaction to knowing all that was and ever will be within the context of its own chicken universe.

(Photos courtesy of NASA)

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