Why this woman actually enjoys messaging applications interrupting her phone activity so often

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“It helps to keep me in my toes,” said Alicia Smith of Jersey City, New Jersey. She describes the feeling of the music she’s listening to getting quieter when she gets a message, as being almost as exciting as when she gets a message notification that takes up 1/8 of her screen while she’s reading a news article. “The fact that I can’t realistically turn off these notifications makes me feel secure in knowing that whatever happens, as long as my phone is on I’ll be able to receive these joyful interruptions to whatever I’m doing on my phone,” Alicia continued.

Different messaging applications on smart phones make it difficult or impossible to turn off notices, which many people find annoying. Many have uninstalled messaging applications because of this annoyance, but Alicia actually likes the notifications. When asked if she would be checking her messages anyways throughout the day, she replied that she would. “Even if there were the option to turn off all of the notification features that interrupt what I’m doing on my phone, I wouldn’t change it,” Alicia said. She continued, “In fact, I want more interruptions, as I feel being able to sleep without the phone interrupting my sleep, even if the phone were off, doesn’t allow me to really connect with people as well as I could otherwise.”

As of writing, Headmagazine, the world’s leading social network, has plans to release a notification feature which turns the volume all the way up on your phone and a man or woman screams, followed by laughter as if it were an inside joke. Users won’t be able to turn this notification off as long as their messaging app is installed, and early release testing has received positive reviews.

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4 years ago

I dislike when the messenger app changes the volume when I’m trying to watch videos. I uninstalled.