Yes, some voters do care about the $21 trillion in debt, and the $210 trillion in unfunded liabilities

Op-ed USA Politics

The debt situation is needs to be fixed, and I propose that the budget in all areas come down proportionally to 80% of tax revenue. The USA has $21 trillion worth of debt, and an extra $210 trillion (210,000,000,000,000) in unfunded liabilities. Unfunded liabilities are any liability, debt, or obligation that does not have savings set aside for it. In 2017, the federal government of the USA collected $3.32 trillion in tax revenue.

A lot of the people who vote for these massive budgets will probably be dead of old age by the time the consequences of this debt come to be. But for people who are younger, they are stuck with the consequences, whenever they happen, which could be at almost any time. Right now the USA’s federal government is in a boom period and getting further in debt instead of shoring up its finances. There will be another recession. Will the USA’s federal government be able to convince people to give it even more money to prop up the economy in a time of recession? Because if people don’t contact their federal representatives, there could be another stimulus package that comes out which puts the USA even more in debt.

I’m not one to believe in conspiracy theories, but sometimes I think to myself if the people in power are crashing the country’s finances on purpose. At that point I have to wonder how people could gain from that. It’s ridiculous how little so many federal politicians seem to actually care about this issue to me, and when I vote I consider voting to increase the debt a huge misstep. I hope that Trump never votes to increase the debt again, although as the oldest president in the USA’s history I’ll have to see if he, as someone who will probably be dead of old age by the time the consequences of the debt happen, will be pushed around too much by people who want to screw this country’s finances over in favor of short term gains that he’ll be able to experience. Here is a video that discusses the USA’s federal debt situation, and it shows what happened in Greece when their way smaller debt was defaulted on.

I’m not the only voter who wants the USA to show a federal surplus budget either. If you are one of them, please contact your federal representatives. You should be able to find who your federal representatives are at Please do it; it’s important.

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